Key Information

Opening Times

We are open for 51 weeks of the year, Monday – Friday.

We close over Christmas / New Year but remain open during all other Bank Holidays.

Morning Session:        8.00am – 1.00pm

Afternoon Session:     1.00pm – 6.00pm

Full Day:                     8.00am – 6.00pm

We understand that your work commitments often don’t fit into neat half day sessions. If our session times don’t suit, please speak to the Nursery Manager who will attempt to offer a level of flexibility to accommodate your individual needs.

Funded and non-funded places

We work in partnership with the respective local authorities to provide funded places for eligible 2’s and children aged 3yrs until they go to school.  There is no charge for a funded only place.

The application process for an eligible 2’s place and start date for 3yrs old funding varies in each local authority, please contact your chosen nursery for specific details.

You may wish to top up your free hours. This is quite common and can be arranged through your chosen nursery.

Non funded children are very welcome at all of our nurseries.  We can offer half day sessions as well as full day sessions. Session costs can be discussed with your chosen nursery.

Meals & Snacks

Children within the nursery are very active during their sessions.  They need good quality food and drinks to ensure that they have enough energy to see them through the day as they learn and grow.

We are part of the ‘Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme’.

Healthy snacks are provided in both of our AM and PM sessions.  These include fresh fruit and vegetables with milk or water to drink. Drinks are freely available to all children throughout the session. A copy of the full snack menu is available within each nursery.

All funded children are entitled to have a hot meal at nursery, provided free of charge.  We buy the meals in, taking account of individual dietary and allergy requirements. We have made stringent checks with each food provider to ensure that the food we receive is of the highest quality.  The menu is available in each nursery.

Staff : Children Ratios

0:2 years = 1:3             2:3 years =  1:5                   3:5 years =  1:8


Children regularly go for walks in the local communities, visiting parks and woods for nature trails.  They go to the library to choose books and the shops for ‘buying experiences’. The more adventurous explore the local area on the buses and trains.  Experiential learning in all areas of a child development will stay with them as they grow into the adults of tomorrow.